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Beautiful Bible Verses

Beautiful Bible Verses

Beautiful Bible verses can be very inspiring as you start your day or as we start the New Year!  Whether you woke up early or you woke up late, these beautiful Bible verses can...

What does the Bible Say about ...

What Does The Bible Say About Itself

What does the Bible say about God’s word itself – the Holy Bible? While many people read it and believe it, there are also those who do not know about God’s word. More so,...

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gift ideas. Whose idea was it to give gifts during the holiday season like Christmas? Do you have any idea how it all started? Or was it human instinct? Or was it tradition?...

thanks giving give something back

Thanks Giving – Give Something Back

Thanks giving.  Is it necessary?  Today is Thanksgiving Day observed in the US.   It is an American holiday that happens every fourth Thursday of November. Does the Holy Bible teach us to be thankful? ...

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