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Extra Income: Can A Four, Five, or Six-Figure Extra Income After Work Help You Prepare for Retirement?

Advancing Technologies – new opportunities

Almost everybody these days are working hard for the money, right? Others would succeed, while there are also others who fail.  That is the truth!   But let’s be open minded here.  Why is it that there are others who are just better than us? Some say, it is not just working hard but also working smarter. Hmmm, is that it?

On the other hand, is it possible that Joe may be earning so much income now simply because he knows something that you do not know?  He knows something that made sense to him, and he made it work?  He knows something which made sense to him, he made it work by acting upon it!

Or could it be also because, we did not see the importance of learning something where we can earn.  Maybe we know of an idea to make us earn a good income but did not have the resources to make it work? Perhaps we know what can work but we did not want to act upon it?  In this case, we may have an attitude problem then!

If the hindrance to our success is attitude, then we must do something about it!    What if you know you are headed south because of your attitude, start to change your course by acting upon it.  Maybe if you need to start learning something new, then start doing it!

So if you want to start learning some new ideas, then probably you’ve come to my blog at the right time.  I would like to share some ideas that might probably work for you.  Just trying to help my fellow men if you may call it.  After all, I cannot bring whatever wealth I may have in my lifetime to the grave with me!

With advancing technologies, there are also new opportunities that come with it. Fifty years ago, there was no such thing as internet.  With the coming of the internet, you have heard of stores trying to sell online which we now know as e-commerce.  Yes, there was such a thing as dot-com bubble which occurred a several years ago, yet despite the negative publicity, ecommerce thrived!

Now you have heard of such big online stores as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Yahoo, and many more.  If people are telling you, it’s too good to be true, how can you explain the existence of these big real companies today?

In fact, there are some big companies known as brick and mortar stores that allegedly became bankrupt!  They had to close down simply because they could not compete with these exponentially growing ecommerce companies.

So, making money online is for real with unlimited potentials!  How you can get to your dream income fast is another story.

But there’s one idea that you may not have heard of before which can also be a good source of online income.  In the early 2000, when my family and I are just new here in the US, I finally heard to the term called affiliate marketing!

I learned it from one expert online and I deeply studied her ideas.  Yes, it did brought me some money that time…. but somehow, in search of greener pastures, I got sidetracked down the line.  My bad. But lately, I found out that author is still very much thriving in the business of affiliate marketing.  And now there are many more who are even making much money through affiliate marketing!

Here’s basically how it works.

For your information, affiliate marketing does involve such a thing as affiliate links!  You may find these links in articles, blogs, even in books.  And this blog is no exemption!  It means to say, if you purchase something through any link in my articles or blogs, I may earn some income with it.  When I first heard about affiliate marketing, I said, “So what if the other person earns a commission as long as I can get the whole idea of making more money! He needs to have a living, he made the effort, at least I am helping him too! That’s just fair and square.” You don’t go to college and not pay your tuition because your teachers will earn from it, do you?

Let us say a certain Joe created a product which he wants to sell online.  For illustration purposes, let us call Joe’s product as product A.  In order for Joe to make money online with his product A, he tries to create a program.   He solicits marketers to promote his product either online or offline!

On the other hand, here comes another person named Jane who want to find ways to have an added income for herself.  She finds out about Joe’s affiliate program and applies.  By joining Joe’s program, she is given a link to Joe’s product which she may promote anytime and wherever she wants.

If Joe’s product A is selling for $100, Joe’s program may have attracted Jane. This is because he may be willing to give Jane $10 of profit!  This profit came from a sale generated through the affiliate link of Jane which she may have posted anywhere.  Probably Jane may have posted it once.  And many people kept finding about it and buys Joe’s product, it is possible that Jane may profit not just once but many more. One action, which created many ripples along the way, to potentially give you more money!

I have just given you a bird’s eye view of how you can possibly earn through affiliate marketing.  But if you’re interested, my former mentor can teach you far better than me and give you more details for your success.  After all, she’s the expert and she’s still thriving until today through this field.  Here’s the link through her program – https://www.krucknot.com/ABP.

Affiliate marketing is just one of the many ways by which you can make money online.  Give it a try if this is something that may interest you! More to come in my future blog posts.  See you in my future posts.

Making money online from home

Extra Income

Affiliate Disclosure:

This blog and its articles contain affiliate links. An affiliate link is like a regular link, but the person who shared the link gets credit for any purchase you may make. Any affiliate link here will not increase the cost of that product or service to you.  We only receive a commission.

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