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Business Tool: To Potentially Make You Frequent Bank Deposits

Business Tool - the lightning speed ones...

With technological advances, you’d be dumb if you don’t utilize many advance arsenal to give you success in your business strategies.  A lightning speed business tool can be anything that is now within grasp of many successful entrepreneurs globally.

Gone are the days when you would send snail mail.  People send messages now through emails and even text messaging.  With the start of email back in the 1990’s, spamming came alongside with it.  But spamming is not the way to bring you success in business.  White hat strategies makes email continue to thrive as a useful marketing tool. Just like in basketball, you don’t want to foul out of the game.  Play by the rules and you’d be perfectly fine. Permission based email marketing is the way to go.

If you are not using email as a business tool, you’d be missing a sizable chunk of sales and profits to your business! That is because email marketing has greatly evolved now – from a simple communication tool to a superb marketing strategy with scalable global potential beyond your wildest dreams.

Business tool
Business tool

Aweber is an email marketing service that comes with powerful automation tools to simplify your modern, professional email newsletters, promotions, and constant communication with your subscribers and customers worldwide.

Being a premium service starting at just $19 per month, the features of the service gives you an undeniably outstanding value.  You can create and send unlimited emails from 1 to 500 of your email subscribers. Again, the keyword here is UNLIMITED emails!

The service comes with sign-up forms that you can integrate in your website and mobile app to grow your subscribers.  As each new subscriber would sign in, an automated welcome series comes into play to greet and welcome your new potential customer!  These sign-up forms may even be integrated with online tools such as Paypal and WordPress as their company claims to be.

According to their website, you can greet every subscriber in over 13 different languages, create, edit, schedule and send messages from your mobile device. You can create your email newsletter with available html templates or drag-and-drop editor using 700 mobile responsive templates.

With the starting fee of only $19/month, it also comes with image hosting for your photos.  If you don’t have the photo you need, you can make use of the more than 6,000 available stock photos.  Plus, you have the ability to analyze and track the performance of your campaign – giving you the data how many people opened their emails, how many clicks did the links have, and how many visited your website.

What a superb service indeed! And here’s what really blew my mind away: they have a 30-day FREE TRIAL which includes ALL the features of their services. With 30 days free trial, that’s more than enough time to grow your subscribers and to gain their business for free. Would you agree that you’ve got nothing to lose? Since I cannot explain everything there is, check it out yourself by clicking here.

free 30-day trial

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