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Photography Tips To Shoot Award Winning Photos

Photography Tips

Photography tips - Pelican picture

Pelican photo on a wall

Photography tips to shoot award winning photos. Do you need one? Of course everyone who wants to shoot award winning photos need to learn the basics to shoot award winning photos.

Every photography tip matters and it is one of the main reasons I was able to learn to take better photos which also became multi award winning pieces. I learned them, and applied them to develop my skills in photography. The photo here is one of mine that earned me 4 major awards from Viewbug.com. Well, of course, you can buy it at a reasonable price through this link: https://www.krucknot.com/etsy-pelican. But before all these, I too had to learn important tips about photography.

Have you ever seen someone carry a very expensive camera and yet does not know how to use it? Here’s one: someone buys a camera that costs a lot of money and yet that person simply uses the auto feature of it. That person does not even know how to adjust the light, speed, or what lens to use at a certain scenario.  I may not be able to share everything what you need to know in this article but my tip for you in this article is about lighting. This tip is applicable to dslr camera for beginners or whatever camera you have right now!


Lighting is very important to bring out the natural beauty and colors of your subject. Too much light can create glare. On the other hand, unless you are trying to create a silhouette, too little light will bring dark unwanted photos.

For natural lighting during the day, not all the hours of the day is ideal for outdoor photography. The experts may not take pictures of someone during the bright noon daylight. This is because it will create strong shadows on the face of the subject. However, there are some solutions to remedy the situation too.

Ideal hours to take outdoor photography is during the golden hours of the day. The golden hours refer to the period 1 hour before sunrise in the morning to 1 hour after sunrise in the morning, and 1 hour before sunset in the afternoon until 1 hour after sunset. This period is ideal as the natural lights coming from the sun is not too strong.

However, would you be awake to take pictures of your subject at 6 a.m.? Probably your human subject is also too sleepy to have his picture taken at this time too! Since the window of opportunity to take this ideal outdoor lighting is really limited, many photography experts do it inside their studios where lights can be more controlled any time throughout the day.

There are certain situations that you really need to take pictures during less ideal circumstances. Example, you accidentally met a long time best friend at 11:00 in the morning and you want to take a photo with him as a souvenir. You are aware that the sun will be too bright to cast strong facial shadows and want to eliminate it. Yes you can do that with the use of flash photography.

Even during the daytime, do not hesitate to use your flash. Flash can also cover up unwanted shadows. However, be careful of using the built-in flash in your camera. Because it is situated too close to the lens, use of build in flash can be a cause of red eyes in your subjects.

If you’d like to learn more about photography, especially digital photography, I can highly recommend one of the sources I know:

Digital Photography School

This resource do offer many lessons in digital photography too.

I hope you’ve learned something from this blog post. See you!


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