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How To Create A Website For Free

How to create a website for free! Indeed it can be done. In fact, in this blog, I’ll teach you how to create a website from scratch! Is that something you like? What may be interesting for you to know is, I have even made websites that made me money! Sounds interesting?

In this blog, I will teach you the four basic things you need which are actionable in creating a searchable website. You can completely do it yourself (diy) so it will be free in terms of labor costs, but sometimes, you may still have to spend some money in the process of building your own website.

Why do I say you may still have to spend some money? First, if you are creating a website from somebody else’s computer, it will really take you a very long time to finish the project. It is more feasible to build one if you have your own computer. Secondly, to have a website, you must have your own internet access account.


1. Computer – Do you have a computer? It can either be a desk top or a laptop. If you have one, make sure it can have access to an internet. Almost all computers now have access to the internet though. Having one of your own is important because it will take you hours to work on this project.

I know in some areas in the US, people can have access to public computers for free like a public library. Unfortunately, your use of the computer may be very limited in terms of time you are allowed to use. One hour of use is definitely not enough.

As time passes by, computers are becoming less expensive. You may be able to buy one at less than $500.

Some things you may want to consider when buying a computer if you still don’t know anything about computers:

a. Hard drive – Hard drives are usually built in. There are also very cheap computers that don’t have any hard drive, but this will require you an external   drive. A hard drive is where you store your data and other files, including your work. These files may be in the form of pictures, software, and other   files that you will create in the near future.

b. Speed – Speed is very important because time is money. A very slow computer may create too much stress to you. There was a time before, if you need               do download something from online, you need several hours to do it. Now, it is just in a matter of seconds or minutes.

c. Memory – This is integrated in all computers now. Memory in computers refer to RAM (random
access memory). RAM is needed to process instructions and data.

d. Keyboard – This is that part of a computer that has the keys with characters which you need to input your information in the process of making your website.

e. Mouse – a mouse is an accessory that moves the cursor in your computer screen.

f. Computer screen – Desktop computers now may come with a monitor screen. Others don’t. In this case, you may need to buy a computer screen. Laptop computers already have a built-in screen attached to it.

Create a website

How to create a website from scratch with your computer.

You do not need all the other accessories of a computer to build a basic website. If you wish to use your own photos in your website, then you may need a digital camera.

2. Internet access – You will need an internet access because you need to be able to access the servers that will host your website. If you have your own server, you still need access to the internet so people can find and visit your website!

As you create your own website, you will need to be able to upload your work. You will also need to do some research which you will see later. Internet access may cost you some monthly subscription fee depending on the company you subscribe to. Internet subscription may be less than $100 a month.

Now, let’s be honest here. It is not absolutely free to create a website on your own because there will be expenses that you will need to consider as I have pointed above. However, if you do not want to pay another person which may cost you thousands of dollars to create your website, then you can do it on your own for free.

Let’s Build Your Searchable Website From Scratch:

If you now have a computer and internet access, now we can begin.

We are not ready to build your searchable website. It is easy to build any website, but you may want to build a website that people can find and visit. To do this, you will need: domain name, hosting server, website builder, and internet marketing.

1. Domain name. In simple terms, domain name is the name of your website. Examples of domain names include www.yahoo.com, www.google.com, and more. As of this writing, a domain name usually starts with the acronym HTTPS which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. Then this is followed by a colon (:) and two forward slash //. Mostly, this is also followed by www which stands for World Wide Web.

I don’t have much time to discuss too many technical discussion here. But an example of a complete domain name is https://www.yahoo.com. So, if you want your website to be called ABC, then it could be https://www.abc.com. But, you need to search first through the domain name tool that a host company usually provides if that name is still available. If it is available, then you can purchase it and pay either monthly or yearly.

However, some companies may offer free domain names in the form of a subdomain. The subdomain may be very long or in a format like: https://www.andrew.abc.com (where Andrew is your name) or maybe https://www.abc.com/andrew.html.

There are disadvantages to using a free domain name. Some companies that provide these may include ads, or you may not have full control of the site you wish to have. Others, you will only have limited number of pages that you can create. But for beginners, using a subdomain may be acceptable for a start. But later on, you may want to have your own domain name.

2. Hosting server. This is usually a network that hosts your website. In other words, this is where your website resides and will be kept with all its files, images, and other content. Some companies that have hosting server may offer free domain names. With others, you may have to pay. Some hosting server companies I know include TD Web Services, Liquid Web, including the popular name Host Gator.

3. Website Builder. Most websites are built using a standard markup language that is used to create web pages. HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. However, it is no longer necessary that you be an expert in HTML and code everything in html.

You may now build a website using a WYSIWYG editor or program. WYSIWYG stands for “what you see is what you get.” The editor will have cursors that you can control where you can write an information of your web page or a widget where you can paste a digital photo. Many hosting companies may provide a website builder either for free or at a premium rate.

One company that provides a free domain name for one year and a free site builder is WebHostingPad.com.

Different companies have different website builders which you can simply play around. So, let’s say, you have decided to get the services of one company where you buy your domain name, where your website will also be hosted, and they have a website builder, now you can create your first page. Just experiment and play around. Some of these builders have a preview button where you will be able to see how your website will actually look like. Once you are satisfied with your first page, simply click on a button that says “Publish” and that will automatically make your website live online! Simple right? Just repeat the whole process as you add more pages to your new website!

4. Internet Marketing. Now that you have built your website, that next issue is, how would people know where to find it? Building a website is like building a house. But in order for people to know where your website is, just like your house, it needs an address where it can be found and located! Even if you have named it ABC, how would people know what name did you give it? There are billions of people in the world, would you be able to inform everyone that your website’s name is ABC.com? If not, then this is where internet marketing comes in. The main purpose of internet marketing is to drive traffic to your website!

Simple Internet Marketing Strategies:

Before we dive into the internet marketing strategies, you will need to know exactly what your website is for. What are the products, services, or subjects your website will be dealing with. If you are selling products through your site, then probably you are trying to create an ecommerce store. When your business is dealing with certain services, then you are providing some details about your services.  And, if you are dealing with some information of particular subjects, probably you are trying to create a blog.

Presently, there are three main strategies you can tell the world about your site so they can find it.

1. Search Engine Optimization. People today use search engines for whatever they are looking for online. Before, when my younger brother would ask me the meaning of a particular word, I would tell him to look it up at the dictionary. Today when my kids need to know about something, I tell them: “Google it!” Google is one of the popular search engines. These include Bing and MSN.

For example, If people know the name of your website which is ABC, then people don’t need the search engine. They will just type ABC.com on their browser. However, probably it is only you who may know your website name. On the other hand, if you can identify what keyword is appropriate for your products, services, or information, then use that keyword for your website.

You do not want to randomly use any keyword that YOU think is good for your website. You may want to know, what are the specific keywords that people are ACTUALLY searching for the kind of products or services that you may have. To do this, you need a keyword search tool. An ideal keyword search tool will provide you with the specific keywords with the number of searches being made on a daily basis or a monthly basis. However, you may need to subscribe to such a keyword tool on a monthly basis. If you cannot afford such, then find a free keyword tool. The picture below is an example of the results provided by a keyword tool.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool With Sample Results using "ABC"

In the above sample keyword tool, I entered the sample keyword "ABC" and it generated many different keywords related to ABC with the corresponding search results.

One of the most popular keyword research tool I know is Long Tail Pro which also includes a rank tracker. It is not free though, but it does have a $1 trial offer which you can try for yourself if you like it.

In other instances, there may be free keyword tools available but they do not provide the specific number of search information that you need. If you cannot use a keyword tool, there is also an alternative way, but you may just be guessing how high it is being searched.

Go to Google.com. Now type any word you think you might use. Since we used ABC earlier as an example of the name of your website, try typing slowly ABC. In my case, as I tried slowly typing A-B-C, Google starts to generate the following words: abc7, abc news, abc mouse, and abc song.

Let us pretend that your site is about ABC song, then take note of this keyword “abc song.” You will want to rank your website in the search engine results of abc song. Why do I want you to rank high with the keyword abc song? Here’s why: if a stranger searches for “abc song” through Google, you want to be in the first page of the results generated by Google. As I tried to actually search for “abc song” in Google, it generated 186,000,000 results. With so much websites using the keyword “abc song” definitely, it is not a good thing for your website to be in the 1,000th page, would you? Most of us simply use whatever is in the first page of the results! By ranking high, I want to be found at the first or second page at least.

By optimizing your site with the keyword you want, apply both on-site optimization techniques and off-site optimization techniques.

Using on-site optimization techniques, here’s where you want to place your selected keywords:

a. title of your website
b. body of your website
c. meta tag of your website
d. and meta description of your site

With off-site optimization techniques, you want to create a link from other sources towards your website by using your selected keywords. Example: if you have another blog site, write a blog and incorporate your selected keyword (“abc song”) to link to your ABC.com website. Two things can happen here: if a person reads your blog and clicks on the link, he will land on your ABC.com website directly. With more links directed to your website using the keyword “abc song,” your website will rank higher in organic search results for the keyword “abc song.” They say, “Content is King!” If other websites find your ABC.com website very useful to them, they may also link to you!

Note: different search engines use different algorithms. These search engines do change their algorithms too. So don’t be completely dependent upon search engine optimization.

Although I may have discussed above free ways of creating backlinks to your site, if you have the budget to use a software to help speed up the process, there are available softwares in the market as well.  One available software is known as Backlink Beast.  Although I have not personally used it yet, but maybe you may test it out if you will like it.

2. Social Media. With the popularity of social media, it has been observed that these social media sites are also able to bring droves of traffic to a website. Examples of social media include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more! So, if you post a link from your social media accounts, these can also drive traffic to your website.

3. Other strategies. There are other free ways of driving traffic to your website. These include printing your website as part of the heading of your stationery, on your emails, on your business cards, and more. Just be creative. As long as people see it, who knows, people might visit your site through their smart phones too!

How to create a website for free ? - I hope I have given a relative answer to this question. There are many other ways to drive traffic to your website. However, they are no longer free!

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