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Keyword Research: How to Do Keyword Research That Brings Success!

Keyword Research

Keyword Research: How to do keyword research! Now you may ask, "why do I need to research for a keyword?" In my post entitled, "How to Create A Website For Free", I discussed a little bit about keywords.  Here in this post, I will explain in more detail why keywords play a very important role regarding your website.  This is very important if you want people to be able to find your website and see what you have to offer!

You are new to making a website.  You got interested in making one.  Finally, you were able to make your own website! As days passed, you noticed you never had a single visitor! Why? Basically, it is like building a house.  You built a very beautiful house but people will never know where your house is unless it has an address!  In the online world, your address is your website address! For illustration purposes, you got your website named as www.kdkwokfa.com. But do you think billions of people know about the name www.kdkwokfa.com?

Assuming you have now registered your website as www.kdkwokfa.com, if you try to enter your website www.kdkwokfa.com on your web browser, your website will show up! But the problem is, people don't know of your website www.kdkwokfa.com.  And to find your website, they will not use the web browser but the search engine such as Google and Bing!

Let's experiment here.  Try to enter www.kdkwokfa.com in your Google search engine and see if it will show up.  Below is a snapshot of the result when I entered www.kdkwokfa.com on my Google's search engine:


Trial search

You Need A Keyword!

As you can see from the above result, your new website may not be found in the search engine if it is not yet officially registered or is still new.  However, ultimately it will show up once it is crawled by the bots. But as I said, it is impossible to let the people know of your website address unless you tell them or you post it where everybody sees it!

One way you can do that is by making use of a keyword that is related to the product or services that you offer in your new website!

Let us try to experiment again.  Let us use the keyword "bicycle" and enter that in your Google search box.  From my end here (as of this writing), I was able to generate this picture below:

Trial search bicycle

As you can see from the results, it generated websites that used the keyword "bicycle." It is not just one or two websites that showed up because there are 936,000,000 results here! Wow, that's a lot! But take note: once you use a particular keyword on your website, now your website can be seen among one of the results!

Therefore, using a keyword plays a very important role for your website because it is a way to be found! From what we have seen above, you must not just rely on your website name, but you must optimize your website by using a keyword! 

Which keywords to use?

As you will see from the sample illustration above, the single word keyword "bicycle" generated 936,000,000 results! That is a very competitive keyword which is very difficult to use!  If your website is not highly ranked, you will not be able to land on the first page of the search results.  You need to be in the first page of the search results, why? Because, people do not try to go to the 3rd or 4th or 100th page anymore to read all the other results!

Instead of using a single word keyword, try using long tail keywords.  Long tail keywords are keywords that have two or more words in it!  Examples of long tail keywords derived from the keyword "bicycle" include, men's bicycle, beach bicycle, children's bicycle, red girl's bicycle, and many more!  A combination of two or more words in a keyword will generate hundreds of other long tail keywords.  Now, your next challenge is how you would find which keywords are being used by people to search your product!

This is were you will need to use a keyword search tool!  By using a keyword search tool, all you need to do is enter the initial keyword you can think of that is related to your site, and it will generate many other keywords! 



keyword tool

Keyword Research Tool

In the above keyword research tool, I simply entered ABC as a keyword, and it resulted in many other combination keywords with the number of searches for each keyword. Search results that have five figures are still highly competitive and challenging.  Your best option is to use keywords with only a few thousand search results.  It is like harvesting fruits from a tree.  You may want to grab those low lying easy to get fruits first!

There are many keyword research tools now available online.  But most of them, you need to subscribe and pay for your use.  If you find free ones, you will have a very limited use of it! 

One tool that is very popular and good to use is called Long Tail Pro.  It may even include a rank tracker that you can use for free.


How to Use Your Keywords

Use the keywords in your website.   Place them in your meta tags, meta description, title and the body of your website.  You can also use your selected keywords when you decide to purchase ads for your website or as an anchor text in your links.

Good luck in your choice and use of keywords!


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