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Photography Tips and Tricks To Shoot Award Winning Photos – Important Rule

Photography Tips and Tricks To Shoot Award Winning Photos – One Very Important Rule

Photography tips and tricks – there’s too many of them. But there is one rule that should not be forgotten by photographers. It is used by the professionals as well as by those who shoot award winning photos. This blog post cannot cover everything there is, but here is one of the photography tips and tricks to shoot award winning photos. It is called the rule of thirds. 

Whether you are using a dslr camera for beginners or any other camera, this rule is applicable to any situation!.

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Rule of Thirds

Majority of us, when we shoot an object with our camera while viewing through the viewfinder, we immediately place it at the center of our view!. I really don’t know why we have been accustomed to doing that. In essence, we simply look through the viewfinder, point and shoot!

With the rule of thirds, try to see two imaginary straight lines that run parallel from left to right. This first two lines will divide your field that you see in your view finder into three equal parts as top, middle and bottom! Then, try to see another set of imaginary straight lines that run parallel from top to bottom intersecting the first set of lines we described earlier. These lines will divide your field into three equal spaces as right, middle, and left spaces. With these two sets of lines crisscrossing one another, it will create nine (9) equal spaces in your field of view. Some DSLR cameras do provide these as grid lines. These grid lines create three rows of equal rectangles and three columns of equal rectangles.

Below is a sample illustration of what I mean with the grid that you can find to apply rule of thirds.

Photography Tips and Tricks - Grid

How To Frame Your Subject with Rule of Thirds

What I am trying to discuss here is basically how to frame your subject based on the rule of thirds. This is really basic photographic composition. Two things we may need to consider. Is the subject stationary, or is it moving?

With stationary subjects, it is easy to frame it by applying rule of thirds. Simply line up your subject either in one of the vertical lines or on one of the horizontal lines of your grid. This will create a wider space on either side of the subject or a wider space on top of the subject or below it!

The photo below is one example of how to compose your subject using rule of thirds!

Photography Tips And Tricks - Rule of Thirds

Moving Subjects

With moving objects, it may be hard to really capture your subject using the rule of thirds. The best thing you can do is to take the picture first, then edit your photo by cropping one of the sides to create a rule of thirds effect!

In many photography competitions, composing your photograph is what they may be looking for. The rule of thirds is very appealing to them. Then, if you can apply this rule of thirds, use it to show them you know something about photography! Rule of thirds is appealing to many professional photographers!

My multi awarded photo (below) at Viewbug.com was done with the rule of third principle.  Of course, it is available to the public for sale at https://www.krucknot.com/etsy-pelican. I'm just fortunate that my Canon EOS Rebel t5i has the grid that I needed to make it easy for me.

Pelican picture

Pelican photo on a wall

Great wishes to your photography endeavors!



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