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Hi friends! Dr. Singuillo is my name, a former licensed physician from the Philippines turned to be a struggling entrepreneur in the US. My purpose for this blog is to share with you insights and shortcuts from the many trial and error efforts I've done in many interesting areas of God's leading in my life.

This author/blogger just would like to make a difference to those who are willing to follow his research, findings, discoveries, and footsteps.  There are varied fields that he may have ventured, and as always there are different learning curves that come with it.

I would simply like to please my God and you for sharing any tips, knowledge, and thoughts that may benefit humanity as a whole, and I would be pleased to see you succeed in your endeavors in the near future.

What you'll get from this blog include inspirational thoughts, tips and links to interesting subjects such as photography, finance, eCommerce, health, and more.

Trial and error in anything you do is really difficult and hard.  Thus, your shortcut to it is like driving through a toll road where you have to pay something to go through what is perceived as easier or faster.  So, if you heed the many recommendations in this blog, you may even become way better than this blogger.

However, as a disclaimer, the end results may not be always the same.  Some of you may succeed, while others may experience difficulties too and even possibly fail depending on how you work at it and your circumstances. Everyone's outcome may be different to one another, in the same way as everyone's viewpoint and opinions are not always the same.

As a warning, there are links within this blog that are affiliate links.  These links may be in the form of clickable photos, underlined words, and ads. If you subscribe to some of what is being offered, this blogger/author may gain some financial rewards that come with it.  But it is up to you, just as I said, it is like going through a toll road.

Every article you read in this blog is for informative purposes only.  It does not establish any kind of relationship between you and me - not as a customer client relationship, nor in a consultant client relationship.

This is a personal/business blog of its author Dr. Manolito Singuillo. What you see in this author is just a tip of an iceberg because beneath it (by God's leading) are many circumstances that lead one to another to what this author have become today.

Welcome to my blogging world.  Hoping you'll gain something of what you're looking for. Best wishes to you.

Affiliate Disclosure:

This blog and its articles/posts may contain affiliate links. An affiliate link is like a regular link, but the person who shared the link gets credit for any purchase you may make. Any affiliate link here will not increase the cost of that product or service to you.  We only receive a commission at no extra cost to you.  You are not required to spend any money on any products or services being offered unless you feel you need them.


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